Representing sport and education: the Art of Infographics

We live in an information-rich understanding-poor environment.  There is so much knowledge around that it can be difficult to make sense of it all, and to separate the good stuff from the rest.

Infographics are those charts, posters and diagrams that try to address these problems.  A good infographic summarises key information on a topic in a way that is immediately accessible.  Of course, the issue of quality control remains: the infographic is only as good as the data within in.  But at least the technology opens the door to new ways of thinking about and representing a vast array of knowledge to different audiences.

I have tried and failed to produce some infographic of my own.  There is much more to them than meets the eye!  But my person artistic limitations only make me admire them all the more.

Here are some infographics on topics related to sport and education.  I would love to hear about others.

  Childhood Obesity Epidemic Infographic

Can You Benchpress a Tiger? - Source: Bodybuilding Warehouse

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